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Evangelization: Not as Hard as You Think

Adam Janke

Christ asks us to share the good news. How will you do that today?

Questions Covered:

  • 10:00 - What is your opinion on the use of gospel tracks? 
  • 14:41 - What should be the goal of evangelization as a Catholic? 
  • 18:09 - How can I share my faith but not scare people away? 
  • 22:08 - Do you have any tips for how to best evangelize Jehovah’s Witnesses? 
  • 31:30 - I have a daughter who has left the Church and a son-in-law who doesn’t seem interested. How can I evangelize to them? 
  • 35:00 - I think Catholics fail to recognize evangelization opportunities. We fail to have the answers ready for people. We must be Jesus to a lot of people. 
  • 42:32 - How can I evangelize my wife, who is a Bible Christian? 
  • 48:24 - 7 years ago, I called the juvenile detention center near me and offered to minister there. It took off and has been going on for 10 years. 

Resources Mentioned:

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