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Questions Covered:

  • 18:32 - What is the reasoning and significance behind mirovanje? 
  • 21:26 - Can a priest from the eastern right celebrate masses (marriage of the church) in the Latin rite church? 
  • 35:34 - Where can we find Eastern churches in our city? 
  • How does one accept the clergy of Rome while they practice in different rites? Can one’s salvation be compromised based on practices across rights? 
  • 43:24 - What are the rules for a Chaldean catholic to marry someone outside of their right and catholic faith in general? 
  • 45:01 - Do eastern rites Catholics pray the rosary and treat Mary the same as in the other practices of Catholicism? 
  • 47:13 - I’ve been reading Philokalia, how does it play into the eastern right masses and why are Latin rite Catholics not as aware of this book? 
  • 50:53 - What are the differences between the eastern rite and the roman rite? How can I explore what the right rite is for me? 
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