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The Problem of Human Trafficking

Audio only:

Christ the Physician is able to heal all wounds and is willing to go into the darkest corners of our society to bring that healing. Grace Williams is among a growing number of Christians involved in healing the traumas of the sex trade. She shares her story with us and answers caller questions about what more can be done.

Questions Covered:

  • 9:43 – How much is pornography linked to sex trafficking?
  • 35:20 - I wanted to know what saints inspire Grace’s work? How can we support Grace and her work?
  • 50:40 - I have an apostolate that has to do with the same thing but I do preventative and making families aware of the issue and I wanted to ask what type of information we should be giving families to help protect families and their children?

If you would like to learn more about Grace Williams and support her ministry, Child of the Immaculate Heart, please go to childrenoftheimmaculateheart.org 


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