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Characters of the Nativity

Steve Ray

Audio only:

Who were the Magi? What did the birth of Jesus actually look like? Find out here, with Steve Ray.

Questions Covered:

  • 19:26 - What do you know about the Magi? Who were they? Why would they bring a baby gold, frankincense, and myrrh? 
  • 30:52 - Why is Jesus’ genealogy traced through St. Joseph? 
  • 35:13 – Did Mary suffer the pains of childbirth? 
  • 42:15 - When we hear the prayer, “Hail Mary,” I understand that comes from Scripture. Is that what the angel said? How would we know? Did Mary tell people?  What does it mean when Scripture says, “Mary pondered these things in her heart”? 
  • 47:50 - Can we take the stories of Jesus and Mary’s life, and especially of the Nativity, as experienced by the mystics? 
  • 50:42 - Did the Magi make it there on time for the birth of Christ? 


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