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Can Church Teaching Change?

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 13:07 - How do I as a non-Catholic understand the issues going on in Germany and the changes with the Synodal way? 
  • 16:06 - How do we distinguish the similarities and differences between the development of doctrine of Catholicism and the explication of doctrine as understood by the Orthodox? 
  • 19:56 - What do you think about the changes the Church made about slavery? It used to endorse it and now it doesn’t. 
  • 32:12 - How can the Church change to get rid of clericalism and embrace the Gospel? 
  • 35:50 - Is the role of the Church to preserve the traditions of the Church of the times of the apostles or can this also be applied to later traditions 
  • 43:13 - Is the teaching on contraception definitive? 
  • 48:45 - Did the Church change its teaching on limbo and where aborted babies go? 


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