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Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life

Audio only:

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, author of Kingdom of Happiness, discusses the Beatitudes and how to live them in your everyday life.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:51 - What does it mean to be Poor in Spirit? Does it mean the people who are weak, yet still believe?
  • 22:57 - Some of the Beatitudes seem vague. Is there anything in the Catechism or from Church Fathers that go into more depth on the Beatitudes? Are there any concrete examples?
  • 31:56 - Can you talk about 1 Corinthians and Matthew 5:8 and how this pertains to staying pure?
  • 37:55 - What do you mean by Beatitudes?
  • 46:02 - Taking all thoughts captive to Christ, is that answered by systematically applying the Beatitudes?
  • 49:00 - If we seek out to do the right or righteous thing will we tend to do the right thing?
  • 51:14 - Are there other sections of the Bible that reflect on the Beatitudes? Are there any prayers that help to commit the Beatitudes to memory and help with reflection?

Resources Mentioned:

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