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Luther and the Reformation

Steve Ray

Just back from a trip to Martin Luther sites in Germany, Steve Ray discusses the man, his ideas, and his effect on the Church.

Questions Covered:

  • In regards to the Reformation, Romans 8 sounds like predestination, so can you please give some clarification on that?
  • What does it mean for our Church to be “apostolic”? How do I explain how the Church is apostolic to my non-Catholic friends?
  • In recent times the pope and other priests have honored Luther, so how do we respond to non-Catholics who say that all religions are equal since Luther was good?
  • Why didn’t the Church authorities stop Luther?
  • Wasn’t the Church corrupt at the time of the reformation which is why Luther was able to do what he did?
  • What is the definition of a heretic? How are Protestants not heretics if they believe what Luther did?
  • Did the Catholic theologians of the time argue for apostolic succession in order to show Luther he was wrong?
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