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Tradition and Scripture

Steve Ray

Steve Ray explains and defends the Catholic understanding of God’s Revelation, and makes clear why Scripture and Tradition are two parts of God’s loving plan for His children.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:04 - Why doesn’t God allow Protestant pastors to consecrate the Eucharist?
  • 21:48 - What is the difference between “Believer baptism” and Catholic baptism?
  • 29:56 - When and why was the Bible first referred to as the Word of God in the Catholic Church? Doesn’t this promote the heresy of Sola Scriptura?
  • 40:37 - Where did the pope get his authority to preach? I know the pope got it from Peter, who got it from Jesus, but then who in the Old Testament did Jesus get his authority? 
  • 45:54 - Jesus does not mention physical water when he speaks of baptism to the woman at the well and again in John’s Gospel. Why does the Catholic Church require baptism with water?
  • 50:36 - Which scriptures can I use to show a Mormon that the Catholic Church is the only Church given God’s authority?

Resources Mentioned:

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