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The Resurrection of Jesus

Steve Ray

Who saw Jesus risen from the dead? Can these witnesses be trusted? Steve Ray walks us through the very first encounters with the Jesus after Easter.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:00 - In Matthew 27:52-53, we are told that many people come out of their tombs as the Lord dies and the veil tears. Do we read these verses literally or figuratively? Were they resurrected or resuscitated?
  • 19:52 - I would have thought that the Jewish people would have understood about Jesus after the Resurrection? Why did they not see the truth, especially if they knew what the prophet Isaiah said?
  • 23:00 - If Scripture says Jesus resurrected on the third day, why did He resurrect on Sunday instead of Monday? Wouldn’t the third day be Monday?
  • 41:40 - Isn’t the purpose of the angel in the tomb to announce to the people that Jesus had risen? 
  • 45:27 - Who was the other Mary who went to the Sepulcher in Matthew 28:1? Was it the Blessed Virgin?
  • 48:00 - I think the Shroud of Turin could help people understand the Resurrection. Would you agree?
  • 51:50 - How many times was Jesus seen after the Resurrection?

Resources Mentioned:

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