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Giving Yourself to God

Steve Ray

Audio only:

Can one really give one’s life to God? And why would God ask such a thing of us? Steve Ray shares his own story and takes caller questions on this important topic.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:27 - How can I give myself to God?
  • 21:11 - How should I pray?
  • 28:49 - How do you step out into the secular world and still keep giving everything to God? These seem like two irreconcilable worlds.
  • 33:57 - Can you talk about growing closer to God in regards to Holy Thursday night?
  • 45:20 - I have recently been pulled further away from the Church due to gossip from the women. I want to go back to Church, but I feel like people are going for the wrong reason.
  • 49:05 - Is consecration to Jesus through Mary biblical and a good way to grow closer to God?

Resources Mentioned:


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