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Mary: Real Girl and Woman of Mystery

Steve Ray

Audio only:

Steve Ray delves deep into the mystery of Mary the Mother of God and examines her life here on Earth.

Questions Covered:

  • Did Mary ever sin in her life?
  • When Mary and Joseph got engaged, were they allowed to have sexual relations?
  • What’s the tradition of where Mary lived and died? What are the traditions on that issue?
  • What was the age of Mary when Joseph died?
  • How do you explain to a non-Catholic who Mary is?
  • How old was Mary when she conceived Jesus?
  • Since Mary didn’t experience pain of childbirth could it have been transferred to the pain she experienced during the Passion?
  • Did Mary age? Did she look like she aged?
  • When did Mary live in and leave the temple, and who arranged her betrothal?
  • What is your perspective on whether the consecration of Russia has occurred according Our Lady’s request?
  • I thought somebody else had a vision about the Mary’s home in Ephesus?


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