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Questions Covered:

  • 11:00 - What is remote cooperation? Can you really compare this vaccine to buying jeans or chips or something? 
  • 18:29 - Should Catholics get the Vaccine for COVID-19? 
  • 20:43 - Were old vaccines developed in a different way than the vaccines now? It seems like no one had any problem with getting a polio vaccine, for example. 
  • 24:25 - What is the Church’s policy on abortion in cases of rape and incest? 
  • 32:04 - I have heard that this COVID-19 vaccine can cause infertility and my husband, and I already struggle to have children. Is this true? Can I safely take the vaccine without affecting my fertility? 
  • 36:04 - Does the COVID-19 vaccine use human embryos in its development? Is this vaccine going to be made mandatory? 
  • 41:23 - The USCCB said it is morally permissible to take the vaccine because it would keep many people from dying. I agree. Since embryonic research and vaccines achieve so much good, what is the problem with using the fetal cells? 
  • 47:28 - The USCCB says that it is acceptable to take it, for the common good. They said it is our moral responsibility to take it and protect ourselves and others. Is this the case? 


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