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Questions Covered

  • 13:47 - As people have their body parts replaced with mechanical parts (arms, heart, etc.) is there a point where they are no longer themselves?
  • 19:00 - Has there been any update on stem cell research? Is there any update on embryonic stem cell research?
  • 31:49 - Is it acceptable to donate your body to science? What is the Church’s stance on cremation?
  • 37:02 – Legally, do you have to test animal embryos before testing human embryos? Is it ethical to preserve embryos to display for educational purposes?
  • 45:07 - Are condoms illicit during pregnancy if they can help prevent bacterial infection when antibiotics can be harmful to the fetus?
  • 50:32 - What is Fr. Tad’s perspective/counsel on ectopic pregnancy procedures?
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