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Questions Covered:

  • 12:29 - Is it ethical to consume animals and animal products? Is this taking us away from the true call of Jesus?
  • 19:36 - Is it true that the shelf life of a frozen embryo is 5 years?
  • 22:11 - What would a couple do with the frozen embryos? Does the Church allow these embryos to go to women who cannot conceive?
  • 29:33 - What is gain-of-function research and is it ethical?
  • 39:54 - What are your thoughts on printing animal DNA for interplanetary colonization? Would it be ethical?
  • 44:55 - Would it be appropriate to have frozen embryos buried with the mother at her death?
  • 47:20 - Is Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer licit?
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