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Ask Me Anything

Questions Covered:

  • 05:11 - Would it be accurate to say the Nicene Creed is part of the deposit of faith?
  • 08:23 - What is palmarian church
  • 14:19 - Can there be a pope from one of the Eastern Catholic Churches?
  • 17:41 - How can one be a liberal Catholic and still believe in the teachings of Christ
  • 31:16 - Is it wrong to love God because you fear Hell?
  • 36:40 - Do we need to confess venial sins that were taken away by our last communion? Or does that show doubt in the efficacy of communion?
  • 41:22 - I see people often wondering if a life decision is God’s will. But as long as one is loving God fully, and loving their neighbor, isn’t everything that falls under that God’s will?
  • 47:52 - IS the Sabbatine privilege for wearing brown scapular endorsed by Catholic Church ?
  • 49:44 - is it true that God loves some people more than others?, hence why certain people have more graces, are chosen to be priests or even have a better fulfilled purposes in life. thank you.
  • 52:46 - What is your commitment when it comes to honoring/respecting parents or grandparents when they refuse to communicate to you and tell blatant lies about you regarding serious sins?
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