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Questions Covered:

  • 03:21 - 1 Sam 18:10 says “an evil spirit from God rushed upon Saul.” How are we supposed to interpret that when nothing evil can come from God?
  • 10:06 - Can you help me understand in what sense Jesus is God? How can a thing have two natures? Is it the same way the Burning Bush, or the Eucharist, is God?
  • 19:39 - What are the reasons a person might hear voices?
  • 28:55 - My spiritual director has been cautioning me against treating novenas and relics like magic. But in last Sunday’s gospel we hear of the woman who was healed because she believed if she touched Jesus’ clothes she would be healed. How can one have that kind of faith without treating it like magic?
  • 38:05 - Does Matthew quote the Septuagint?
  • 45:50 - What’s the difference between black magic and white magic?
  • 48:42 - I had an experience in early youth that led to my conversion later in life. Have you heard anything like that before? What kind of experience is this?
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