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Questions Covered:

  • 02:24 - Could life have come about naturalistically?
  • 06:10 - My wife is agnostic. How do I reply to the questions, why should she care, and why should she believe that it’s the Christian God that exists?
  • 16:39 - My convert friend is asking how do you know when something is dogma vs doctrine?
  • 28:45 - Within the holy family, did Joseph have the spiritual authority of Mary and Jesus?
  • 30:55 - What is the rule of the magisterium in regard to translation of the bible and why should we heed to those translations?
  • 36:08 - How specific does my confession have to be for it to be valid?
  • 41:55 - How do we know that St. Ignatius of Antioch’s letters are reliable?
  • 45:05 - Can an unbaptized person receive the sacrament of confession?
  • 47:35 - Has the use of extraordinary ministers of holy communion been abused?
  • 52:20 - There are verses in the bible that say that miracles are signs, but it also says the devil will use them. How can the Church confidently say that the miracles it approved of are from God and not the devil?
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