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Questions Covered:

  • 02:22 - I have discussed the doctrine of whether or not the pope had supremacy, and whilst I quote church fathers, he states other who are against papal supremacy. Why don’t the church fathers agree?
  • 08:08 - for a new convert from southern Baptist domination, should I be concerned my baptism is invalid because my pastor likely did not have the intent needed as stated in the catechism
  • 14:23 - How can I put Leviticus in the most positive light for believing Christians that aren’t particularly sophisticated in their theology?
  • 20:10 - How to convince Protestants of Marian doctrine?
  • 28:57 - Why do we call Mary, Jesus, Moses, ect. just by their names, instead of St. Mary, St. Jesus, ect. ?
  • 32:45 I just need help understanding the trinity. The more I learn, the more I think I don’t know.
  • 35:50 - I’m trying to understand the Church’s Treasury of Merits? what exactly is it and how does it work with Purgatory?
  • 42:10 - why are only the successors of Peter important and not the other apostles? When Peter died was the apostle John subject to his successor or did John hold more authority? Peace
  • 47:21 - Is the SSPX in full communion with the Church?
  • 49:45 - Is belief that elves exist compatible with catholicism? What is the strongest point against the idea of sola scriptura, or that every teaching must be found in the Bible?
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