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  • 03:45 - Given the Church doesn’t have a set view on Zionism, how far can go in saying that the entire region belongs to Israel?
  • 06:50 - Would it be morally wrong to avoid paying tax when you can?
  • 14:45 - My fiancé went through RCIA but didn’t convert because he can’t get past the belief in the real presence of the eucharist. What advice Can you give?
  • 17:18 - I was told that I received communion incorrectly by smiling. Is this true?
  • 21:25 - When Jesus was tempted in the desert, was he actually tempted to fall into sin?
  • 31:14 - When you take the Eucharist to the homebound, does it have to go directly to them, or can you wait overnight?
  • 37:36 - I’m trying to figure out where I belong in religion, but I don’t know the difference between being Christian and Catholic.
  • 45:29 - How does a priest deal with loneliness?
  • 50:23 - Is it ethical for me to work at a non-Catholic dental office?
  • 52:55 - Is there an indulgence gained using holy water? Is it ok to do work around the house on Sundays?
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