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Questions Covered:

  • 05:00 - How do we have free will in heaven and are also prevented from sinning?
  • 11:47 - Can I consume the Eucharist Saturday vigil, and Sunday Morning and Sunday afternoon?
  • 17:32 - Can a person who was in civil marriage that is now divorcing, receive communion?
  • 22:39 - Can the devil be present in a chapel where Jesus is present?
  • 29:16 - Is the Pope metaphorically the bishop of Rome or is he actually in charge of the diocese of Rome?
  • 34:11 Can a child be baptized if only one parent wants them baptized?
  • 43:01 - Why does the eucharistic prayer say “The blood is poured out for many” and not all?
  • 46:57 - Why do we worship on Sundays? Where do we find that?
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