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Have you ever wanted to ask a Catholic priest about an aspect of the Catholic Church?

Questions Covered:

  • 08:39 - Why don’t priests talk about death, judgment, heaven, or hell during homilies? 
  • 16:20 - Is the priest after hearing a confession ever allowed to divulge something that a person has told them?  
  • 21:42 - I am a Protestant. Don’t Catholics depend on the Sacraments as a crutch, so they don’t have to repent? Isn’t this a good time to repent? 
  • 28:42 - What is the validity of baptizing a newborn as a layperson if a priest is not available? Will she receive all the same graces? 
  • 32:32 - What is the official Church teaching on the gift of speaking in tongues? A lot of Protestants claim to have the gift, but it sounds like gibberish to me.  
  • 35:55 - How do I explain to my Protestant friends that the Catholic Church is the first and true Church of Christ?   
  • 43:25 - What is your advice for overcoming the extreme loneliness of this difficult time? 
  • 47:09 - I left my husband because he was physically abusing me, but I am still married because I struggle with divorce. What should I do? 
  • 49:55 - Is it ever acceptable to have a Mass or a wedding outside? 


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