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  • 09:40 - CCC 2093. Does this mean we shouldn’t be pulling weeds and swatting flies since we aren’t loving God through those creations?
  • 20:03 - What’s the difference between a spiritual director, confessor and someone who hears your confession?
  • 31:09 - I am a Catholic and would like to know if I have to confess my sins to a priest, or can I confess my sins to God through prayer?
  • 35:15 - Is one considered a baptized Catholic if they are baptized by a schismatic?
  • 39:25 - If a priest charges admission to the mass is Jesus still present?
  • 41:10 - Why do we need purgatory when we’re quenched by the blood of Jesus?
  • 46:37 - If you’re in an opportunity of offering redemptive suffering but you forget, can you offer that up later?
  • 51:35 - Why are Anglican and Episcopalian priests allowed to become Catholic priests even though they hold different beliefs?
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