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Ask a Priest

Fr. Paul Check joins Cy to take any question of a pastoral nature. He offers advice on marriage, family, work, the liturgy, and much more. 

Questions Covered:

  • 01:50 - What is there about the theology that says that the priest cannot consecrate the bread and wine over the internet or tv? 
  • 06:26 - What recommendations do you have for living a celibate life? 
  • 16:52 - I have a friend who has been sick for 10 years who told me that he prays for death. Is that wrong to pray for? 
  • 19:14 - I was married and my husband went through RCIA last year, but simultaneously he filed for divorce. What can I do? We are divorced and I am applying for an annulment. 
  • 22:33 - What did you and Chris discuss about the metaphysical needs of the human person before Chris had the opportunity to speak with President Trump last weekend? 
  • 30:33 - My son just told us that he is experiencing same-sex attraction. How can I advise my son? What can I do? He wants to remain Catholic. 
  • 45:30 - What is the official procedure for registered members of a parish to use when they want to force the pastor to do something non-sacramental or the other way to force the pastor to stop doing something? 
  • 46:43 - When Jesus descended into hell, what was that like for him? 
  • 48:44 - Can you suggest some reading for this time while we are quarantined? 
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