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Questions Covered:

  • 06:14 - What is the Catholic response to the accusation that the church is a “revamped/updated” version of Judaism? 
  • 11:11 - How did the Apostles know what to say after the Last Supper? How do we know that their words do indeed consecrate the host? 
  • 18:22 - I had a mass said by my priest at Christmastime for a late term abortionist that just started a business last year. When the priest says the mass, it’s for their intentions but I don’t want their intentions honored. How does that work, and does it need to be changed? 
  • 22:30 - My mother-in-law is not Catholic, and my wife is a convert. My mother-in-law insists on her ashes being split when she passes away. Would going to her funeral knowing this be condoning the splitting of her ashes? 
  • 24:31 - In the Our Father we say “…and lead us not into temptation…” Jesus says in the bible “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” Why do we ask Christ not to lead us into temptation if he wouldn’t do so in the first place? 
  • 29:44 - I’m a protestant and want to go to mass and start RCIA. Can you explain why there is so much disagreement in the church about the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass? 
  • 37:40 - Is there a connection between the skull cap and the Jewish yarmulke? Also, what’s the significance of the large cap the pope wears? 
  • 42:25 - Why do I feel like I’m demanding things from God when praying certain prayers? For example, “…lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.” 
  • 44:51 - I confessed that I had an “impure thought” and the priest asked me to tell him what exactly that impure thought was. If that ever happened again, am I obligated to tell him that? 
  • 48:13 - We have rules and regulations but are never encouraged to bring back fallen away Catholics. Why is that never addressed by the clergy and how can we approach this better? 
  • 51:38 - What’s the difference between Lourdes water and holy water? Is there a difference between blessing yourself and blessing a room with either?
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