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Ask a Priest

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 09:26 - Can your guardian angel physically touch other people and can we hear our guardian angels?
  • 14:32 - I have a friend that’s confused about the idea that although God permits evil, that does not mean he creates evil. Can you help me with an explanation as to why they’re not the same?
  • 19:53 - I was watching a video that said priests once played a small role in ecumenical councils. To me, it doesn’t seem fitting of the papal authority to play any role. What’s the most convincing reason for me to believe in the papacy?
  • 28:45 - Why can only a bishop or ordained priest perform an exorcism?
  • 36:53 - Has the church ever declared that Lutheran holy orders are valid or invalid?
  • 42:15 - I’m going through an annulment. I can’t go to communion, yet hundreds of people go weekly that haven’t gone to confession in a long time as well as Protestants at a wedding I went to. Why are they able to go even if they have mortal sin on their souls?
  • 52:05 - All of the ordinariate liturgical books have been long out of print. Do you have any sense as to when the ordinariate is going to reprint these books at a reasonable price?


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