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Questions Covered:

  • 03:00 - I know some very good people that have no affiliation with Christianity no belief in God. Some of them are more giving and patient than people I know that are Christian. Are they dismissed by God because they’re not baptized and don’t go to church?
  • 13:08 - What makes a marriage valid? Does it need to be performed by an ambassador of Christ? If so, does that mean a Protestant minister cannot perform a valid marriage?
  • 19:39 - How can one reconcile the faith when looking at history with indulgences and corruption in the church?
  • 23:31 - Why is there such an emphasis on the Church as an organization? For example saying, “What does the Church say about it?” Why can’t we just go right to the bible?
  • 33:20 - Every time I pray it feels like there’s an all-consuming feeling of fear activated that’s strong. How do I grow spiritually with this fear? Should I wait until it dies down and just not pray as frequently?
  • 41:50 - I adopted my now 12 y.o. son and he has severe cognitive disabilities. I’m fairly certain he has never been baptized. Should he be? What’s the process for that?
  • 44:28 - In Matthew 24:40 in last Sunday’s gospel it says “One is taken, one is left.” What does this mean?
  • 46:44 - How did Jesus go up into heaven since he can’t fly there?
  • 51:25 - My son and his fiancé are getting married in the spring. She would like her parish priest preside and we would also like to have a retired bishop. Can the bishop concelebrate?


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