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Ask a Priest

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 08:42 - How do we know that the Holy Spirit inspired the books of the bible?
  • 13:52 - I grew up protestant and divorced because of abuse. I remarried and now want to know what step I would have to take to enter into the Catholic Church?
  • 21:32 - Are godparents by proxy still a thing?
  • 24:35 - Why have the German bishops who have been preaching heresy never been excommunicated?
  • 32:29 - Can Abortion be forgiven by a priest?
  • 34:50 - The visiting priest at my parish changed the wording during the consecration. Was it a valid consecration?
  • 40:19 - What does it take to become a priest? I’ve been feeling a call.
  • 44:05 - If you are a Catholic priest, how are you married?
  • 48:00 - How should I handle my relationship with my cousin who’s living with a divorced woman?
  • 51:52 - At my parish the priest has asked us to wait till he has processed down the aisle before we can pray the St. Michael prayer. Is this a common practice?


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