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Do you have a question that you’ve always wanted to pose to a priest? Today is your day!

Questions Covered:

  • 02:43 - I have noticed that lectors and altar servers at Masses being streamed online are not receiving Communion at those Masses, only the priests are. Why is that? 
  • 07:12 - Why is it wrong to sprinkle a person’s cremated ashes in the wind? 
  • 14:31 - In Colossians 1:24, St. Paul speaks about what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ. What does he mean? 
  • 18:24 - How can I get things blessed without a priest available to do it? 
  • 22:20 - Are there certain prayers that are strictly meant for only priests to say? 
  • 24:12 - Can a divorced person receive Communion? 
  • 30:16 - I had a knee replacement and they offered to give me my knee to bury with me someday. I said no and they threw it away. Is that a sin? 
  • 32:33 - Is the Pope telling people to just confess to God or are people still meant to confess to priests? 
  • 44:23 - The catechism says, the sacrifice of the Eucharist is also the sacrifice of the members of His Body. What does this mean? 
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