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Do you have a question that you’ve always wanted to pose to a priest? Today is your day!

Questions Covered:

  • 14:35 - I was atheist for most of my life and am struggling to transition into being Catholic now, in that, it is difficult to talk about. How can I better express my faith in words? It feels strange to have faith after declaring not to for so long. 
  • 24:23 - What is invincible ignorance? Could my brother, who was raised Catholic, but fell away, still be saved? 
  • 32:31 - My husband left me 7 years ago. I got an annulment. Am I supposed to tell my husband that I forgive him? Can I just forgive him in my heart and let it go? 
  • 36:55 - Is it untoward to contact a priest during this time and ask to sit in on their private Mass? 
  • 45:22 - What are your thoughts on the suspension of the Mass? 
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