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Approaching Pride Month as a Catholic

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

19:10 - I work at a large corporation that has a big Pride celebration each year. Every year it seems it gets more forced upon the employees. How do I handle this? If I decline to wear a sticker I get dirty looks.
23:57 - Thank you for your work at Courage. How can I get parishes in my area to cooperate with Courage?
31:35 - My parish seems to support homosexuality. What if a gay person wants to join the Church? They would join with a false idea of what the Church teaches.
41:26 - I recently came back to the Church after an active homosexual lifestyle. Why do the bishops condone Fr. Martin’s actions and not support Courage more?
49:23 - I have a gay friend who asked me to help him make some T-shirts for Pride Month. How do I stick to my values and maintain our friendship?

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