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Accompanying Those with Same-Sex Attraction

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 10:43 - What do you think about Catholic organizations promoting homosexuality? 
  • 13:28 - How do you handle a response from Catholics who prop up priests who promote that lifestyle? 
  • 18:07 - How do I share my Faith with people and show them that there are good people who also struggle with same sex attraction? 
  • 24:29 - Should I attend a gay wedding that I was invited to? 
  • 33:08 - If I send a baby shower gift to a nephew and his gay partner who adopted be taken as promoting gay adoption? 
  • 42:48 - I’m bisexual and my wife knows that. I was almost married to a man. How would my spiritual life have been different if I had taken that path? 
  • 47:44 - I’m not Catholic, do Catholics have the same reservations about attending gay weddings as they do with 2nd weddings, cohabitating couples’ weddings etc.? Resource: 
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