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President’s Club and Founders Circle

In Appreciation

Catholic Answers is extremely thankful for our supporters, and we keep them in our daily prayers. In order to recognize the contribution of our most generous donors, we have established two major giving societies: the President’s Club and the Founders Circle.

The President’s Club

Donors who give $1,000 or more in total one-time donations during a single calendar year, or pledge and maintain a recurring monthly gift of $84 or more,* are immediately enrolled in the President’s Club.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to VIP receptions at Catholic Answers conferences, cruises, and other events
  • One free copy of every Catholic Answers product released during the year, upon request (excluding Catholic Answers School of Apologetics)
  • A free subscription to Catholic Answers Magazine
  • An invitation to the annual Founders Circle Weekend
  • Access to dedicated giving society apologist Tom Nash

The Founders Circle

Donors who give $5,000 or more in total one-time donations during a single calendar year, or pledge and maintain a recurring monthly gift of $417 or more,* are immediately enrolled in the Founders Circle.

In addition to all of the President’s Club benefits, Founders Circle members also receive:

  • Complimentary registration for members and their spouses at the annual Founders Circle Weekend
  • One free copy of every product that Catholic Answers produces during the year (including one single registration for Catholic Answers School of Apologetics courses)
  • Recognition on the Founders Circle wall in the foyer at Catholic Answers headquarters in El Cajon, Calif.

The Founders Circle Weekend

Catholic Answers encourages our donors to contact us at any time. Each year, however, we set aside one long weekend for our giving society members to gather with our senior leaders.

The weekend includes hands-on training in defending the faith and updates on the current state of the apostolate. There are also sessions during which members join the executive team to consider our culture’s challenges and discuss the most effective ways we can all work hand-in-hand.

With engaging spiritual direction talks, enjoyable outings, and delightful meals (not to mention the highly competitive croquet and Catholic trivia contests!), the weekend is an opportunity to relax at an elegant resort in the joyful company of like-minded Catholics.

Both President’s Club and Founders Circle members are welcome to attend. Registration for Founders Circle members and their spouses is free.

Simply email David Matheson at, or call 619-387-7200 for more information.


* Note on Founders Circle and President’s Club qualification: For one-time donors, including those who give multiple one-time gifts, club qualification will occur when total donations for the calendar year meet or exceed the minimum donation amount to qualify for the club. Monthly pledgers whose 12-month donation projection meets or exceeds the minimum dollar amount for club qualification qualify for club benefits immediately upon the processing of the first month’s donation. Any pledger who initially qualifies for club membership due to a recurring monthly donation but subsequently suspends or cancels that monthly donation prior to satisfying the full qualification dollar amount will immediately forfeit their club benefits until a qualifying monthly donation is restarted. Catholic Answers reserves the right to determine, at all times, who does or does not qualify for its giving clubs.

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