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Jim Blackburn


Jim Blackburn is the Founder and President of Catholic Questions ( He is a popular apologist, author, and speaker. Jim holds a Masters Degree in Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University and is the author of several books including 101 Quick Questions With Catholic Answers: Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment, 20 Answers: Scripture and Tradition, 20 Answers: The Papacy, 20 Answers: Divorce & Remarriage, 20 Answers: Homosexuality, and 20 Answers: The Early Church. Jim supervised the one-on-one apologetics Q&A department during his tenure with Catholic Answers where he also contributed dozens of articles to Catholic Answers Magazine and has been a regular guest on the Catholic Answers Live radio program for more than 15 years.


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Q&A Open Forum: Just Like on Catholic Answers Live!

Always a favorite—just like on Catholic Answers Live—Jim takes questions from the audience and provides lively, thoughtful, and often entertaining answers that are always faithful to the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. Perfect for ministry leaders, religious educators, catechists, RCIA, Confirmation students, men's groups, women's groups--you name it. If you enjoy Catholic Answers Live, this talk is a must!

The Early Church: One Faith Handed Down in Truth

How did the Church begin and spread? Why is it important to learn about early Christianity? Who were the successors of the apostles and other leaders of the early Church? Were the doctrines and sacraments of the early Church different from those of the Catholic Church today? As Catholics we can’t truly know who we are without knowing where we came from—those earliest Christians who, succeeding Jesus and the apostles, codified and built upon the teachings they inherited. The Early Church: One Faith Handed Down in Truth reveals the legacy of our forefathers in the Faith, showing how they lived and what they believed. And perhaps most importantly, how the Church they governed, guarded, and preached was the same Church that Jesus founded and the same Church that we have inherited almost two millennia later.

What People Say

It’s great to discover Catholic scholars… who can clearly and persuasively converse about the faith. That’s Jim Blackburn!

Peggy Normandin, Host, Call Me Catholic


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