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Why Aren’t You Catholic?

Trent Horn

Audio only:

What is keeping you from the Catholic Church?

Questions Covered:

  • 02:24 - I am not Catholic because the gospels are entirely different from each other. 
  • 15:52 - I am not Catholic, I am Baptist, but am very interested in the Catholic Church. Can you explain purgatory to me? 
  • 21:24 - I am not Catholic because Catholics don’t believe for certain that they’ll go to heaven – send why were catholic 
  • 29:35 - I am not Catholic because Catholics believe that Mary must be pure and holy to give birth to Jesus.  
  • 42:42 - I am not Catholic because I am still learning about Catholicism. One stumbling block for me is that I heard that Catholics will not allow gay men to be priests. 
  • 50:31 - I am not Catholic because I did not find peace in the Catholic Church. 

Resources Mentioned:

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