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Addiction and Healing

Questions Covered:

  • 09:46 - I’ve been an addict for over 5 years now. Am I missing anything in terms of my faith life? I pray the rosary and go to mass daily. 
  • 18:07 - I worked for a Christian non-profit where we helped addicts get on their feet. I would always make it a point to tell them not to look back. What do you think about saying that? 
  • 29:11 - When a person is dating or married to an addict, how do they discern who the real person they are is? Is it ok to break things off without giving them the chance first to get help? 
  • 35:50 - How can you combat food addiction? You can’t just cut food out completely so I think it’s a different process than being addicted to substances. 
  • 41:50 - Is all addiction sinful? Is an addiction to something that’s not “bad” still sinful?  
  • 46:55 - I’m noticing a lot of similarities between the step program and Ignatian spirituality. Are you aware of any Ignatian programs or retreats that incorporate the step program? 
  • 48:07 - I’m 68 and currently on a methadone program. Is it worth getting off methadone after being on it for 30 years? Is it ok to stay on it? 
  • 53:03 - Is Sr. Ignatia Gavin recognized as one of the starters of Alcoholics Anonymous?
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