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Meeting the Protestant Challenge

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 01:17 - How can I explain to my Protestant friend that Mary is holy and full of grace? She wants biblical evidence. 
  • 13:18 - How can Catholics know if they are asking for intercession from saints who are really in God’s presence? 
  • 18:52 - The Catholic Old Testament has 39 books, but the Jews have 24 books. How can the Catholic Old Testament be correct? Send Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger 
  • 24:27 - What do Catholics believe about how God’s foreknowledge affects human beings’ free will? 
  • 44:00 - What is the Catholic doctrine on purgatory and how can we find evidence for it in Scripture? 
  • 48:45 - Why do Catholics do the sign of the Cross and when did that start?  
  • 52:10 - How do I explain to Baptists that faith alone/being born again is not right, that repentance and a change of lifestyle is necessary to follow Christ? 

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