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Bible Blueprint for the Church

Audio only:

Karlo Broussard shares the bible blueprint for the Catholic Church.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:16 - I am an Anglican. What is the Catholic perspective on the Anglican claim to apostolic succession? 
  • 21:19 - What part of the old covenant is brought into the new covenant? 
  • 29:35 - Do Anglicans coming into communion with the Catholic Church have to be re-ordained as priests? 
  • 32:33 - I know you use Colossians 2:16 to identify that the Sabbath is no longer binding on Saturday. What is the reason for some translations saying “Sabbath(s)” versus “Sabbath”? Douay Rheims and King James use the plural version. 
  • 41:25 - How do you know that Jesus in the Eucharist is the real presence? Christ says to “do this in memory of me,” which makes me think that it is a reenactment. 
  • 47:44 - How can we talk to Protestants when they say we can only use the Bible in our conversations? 


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