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Persuasive Pro-Life

Trent Horn

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 09:30 - How do you respond to the argument that banning abortions will actually make them increase?
  • 15:00 - Is forcing someone to continue a pregnancy conceived in rape a continuation of the original crime?
  • 20:35 - When I change someone’s mind on abortion, how do I keep them from going back to being pro-choice?
  • 23:30 - What should we say about women who are in tough pregnancies due to poverty or abusive partners?
  • 28:45 - How do you respond to the claim that children born from unwanted pregnancies would become criminals?
  • 32:15 - Is abortion ever medically necessary? Are cases like ectopic pregnancies real?
  • 36:50 - When abortion rates started decreasing, did adoption rates start increasing?
  • 43:00 - If one day we could fully grow a fetus outside of the womb, what would be the Catholic position on that?
  • 50:15 - Is there a moral difference between a two-year-old and an unborn child? I don’t know if the Church teaches that.


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