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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a speaker?

The first step is for us to check the calendar for the dates you are interested in. To do that, submit a seminar scheduling request for the speaker. Once the seminars calendar and the speaker’s personal calendar are cleared for those dates, we can begin to move forward.

How long before my requested date should I call to start the booking process?

Three to four months is preferable. However, if the date is available we can prepare in less time.

Who books travel and hotel?

Catholic Answers will book the flight, finding one that is most advantageous for both you and the speaker. Catholic Answers will also book the hotel. If you have a suggestion of a location or two near the venue, we would love to hear it.

What is the per diem for?

The per diem is for any incidental expenses that may arise. These can include (but are not limited to) meals, a dress tie if one is forgotten, or Internet access at a hotel.

I have booked a speaker and my friend would like him to speak at his parish as well. Can we do that?

We can certainly book a speaker at multiple venues. If the dates are available, a new agreement letter can be drawn up for an additional talk within a 90-mile radius of the original talk. This will include an additional honorarium. If the flight has already been booked, a flight change fee will be assessed if necessary.

What are my responsibilities as host?

Communication with the seminar coordinator is important. As the event nears, the phone calls and emails will increase. Timely responses are necessary. Although the speaker receives instructions before he travels, it is always best to let him know upon arrival where he must be and when; introduce him to table volunteers; and cover housekeeping matters, water and snacks, bathroom facilities, or anything unique to your location.

What if I need to cancel or postpone and my signed agreement letter and deposit have already been sent?

Along with the signed agreement letter, we ask for a non-refundable deposit. If for some reason you need to cancel, we will retain the deposit to cover the costs we incur. If you would like to postpone, we will check availability and apply the deposit to the new event date. If a flight has been purchased, you will be responsible for the cancelation fee. If Catholic Answers or the speaker cancels and a new event date cannot be agreed upon, a full refund will be issued.

Do the speakers have AV needs?

The only speaker with AV needs (aside from a lapel mic) is Christopher Check. He will need a screen and projector for the majority of his talks. This may change as presentation technology improves.

Are the seminars just for theology buffs?

Catholic Answers Seminars are for anyone who wants to learn more about his Faith and for those who want to bring that to their parish, school, or group. Our speakers have addressed large college and family conference groups, men’s conferences and small parish groups, home-school families, and many others. The talks and seminars are for anyone wishing to learn more about Catholicism.

Are products always sent for a sales table?

We do make material available for sale that reinforces what attendees are hearing from the speaker. If you have an event where this is difficult, it can certainly be discussed. If your audience comprises all students, for instance, it would not make sense to send products. However, we may send booklets that can be handed out. There are other circumstances where not having a resource table would not be an option. This also can be discussed.

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