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Christopher Check


Christopher Check is president of Catholic Answers, the largest lay-run apologetics and evangelization organization in the English-speaking world. He holds a degree in English Literature from Rice University.

Christopher served for two decades as vice president of The Rockford Institute and before that for seven years as a field artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps in deployments and expeditions in the Far East and the Persian Gulf. His writings have appeared in Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, Catholic Answers Magazine, Touchstone, The Wanderer, Angelus, New Oxford Review, Culture Wars, and the Chicago Tribune.


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Lepanto: The Battle that Saved the Christian West

October is the month of the rosary, but most Catholics don’t know why. Learn how, on October 7, 1571, the Blessed Virgin Mary joined the most important sea battle of all time and saved the Christian West from Islamic conquest.

Making Sense of the Inquisition

No story sets itself so violently against the Catholic Church as the black legend of the Inquisition. The truth of the Inquisition (or, more accurately, Inquisitions) is quite different. This lecture looks at the scriptural and historical precedents for the Inquisition, dispels some of its most persistent myths, and equips Catholics to explain it to those who hold the Inquisition as the blackest of marks against the Church.

What People Say

When you combine the magnificent historical research done by Chris Check together with his passion for the Church… you have a combination of excellence that is hard to match much less surpass.

Thomas Roeser, Program Chairman, Chicago Legatus


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