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Henri-Joseph Crelier

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Crelier, HENRI-JOSEPH . Swiss Catholic priest, He-brew scholar and Biblical exegete; b. at Bure, October 16, 1816; d. at Bressancourt, France, April 22, 1889. From 1845 to 1855 he was professor at the college of Porrentruy (Switzerland); later he became chaplain of the Religious of the Sacred Heart at Besancon, France, and devoted his leisure hours to the study of Sacred Scripture. He was subsequently appointed pastor of the church of Rebeuvelier, and finally of Bressancourt, where he died. He left many works on Sacred Scripture, some of which have a special value. Among these we note: “Les psaumes traduits litteralement sur le texte hebreu avec un commentaire” (Paris, 1858); “Le livre de Job venge des interpretations fausses et impies de M. E. Renan” (Paris, 1860); “Le Cantique des cantiques venge des interpretations fausses et impies de M. E. Renan” (Paris, 1861); “M. Renan guerroy ant contre le surnaturel” (Paris, 1863); “M. E. Renan trahissant le Christ par un roman,” etc. (Paris, 1864). To the “Commentaries on the Bible“, published by Lethielleux, he contributed the Acts of the Apostles (1883), Exodus (1886), Leviticus (1886), Genesis (1889).


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