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Open Forum for Those in RCIA

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

03:39 - My girlfriend is not Catholic but is now open to converting. Does she have to go through RCIA to just get baptized or are there other options? 

07:16 - I’m just getting started in RCIA but am in the class with children but getting mixed information of when I could join the Church. Should I just “parish shop?” 

15:39 - My fiancé is non-denominational, and her parents are strong evangelicals. How can I guide and lead her to the Church because she’s expressed interest? 

18:41 - I’m moving and am currently attending RCIA at a Novus Ordo (N.O.) parish, but I love attending the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). Should I start attending RCIA at the TLM parish or continue at the N.O. parish? I plan on receiving the sacrament at the N.O. parish. 

20:50 - I’m in RCIA and going with my wife but I’m not converting. If Mary and the saints are so important, why doesn’t Paul show that? 

29:12 - I’m in RCIA, regarding the “I” “We” baptism story: How do I know whether my pastor said the right words and am validly baptized? 

33:52 - I’m considering joining RCIA, there are currently no issues with me joining but if there is a problem within my family, is there a better way of going about joining the Church? 

43:06 - I’m having my teenage daughter come live with me. She doesn’t have much faith formation.  Does her entry to RCIA have to be on her behalf or can I put her in it?   

47:07 - I just came back to the Church, when does a sexual thought become a sin? 

51:40 - Do Catholic schools or RCIA do a better job at catechizing Catechumens? 


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