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Why Aren’t You Catholic?

Questions Covered:

  • 05:35 - My husband isn’t Catholic anymore because he doesn’t think God is good. How can I respond? The problem of evil is his big objection.
  • 14:12 - I’m not Catholic because they don’t pray directly to God. Why is that?
  • 20:35 - I’m not Catholic because I grew up as a southern Baptist and had all the preconceived notions that a Baptist has. I am feeling drawn to the Church. Where do I start?
  • 24:31 - I’m not Catholic because I can’t fully comprehend the Eucharist.
  • 35:13 - I was raised Catholic and fell away because I just didn’t care and was later baptized non-denominational.
  • 42:25 - My girlfriend is not Catholics because we do strange things like the sign of the cross.
  • 46:00 - The early Church was not the Catholic Church because they were a Sabbath keeping Church.
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