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Give Up Worry for Lent

Gary Zimak

Audio only:

Give up worry for Lent, with Gary Zimak.

Questions Covered:

  • 16:49 - I have been an oncology RN for 20 years and today my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. How can I be there for my family and not worry? How can I call and comfort them when I have seen all the effects of cancer? 
  • 18:16 - I just came out of adoration. I am an anxious person and adoration really helps me. 
  • 24:11 - During adoration, what is it exactly that you should pray to help us to connect or concentrate, or is it just a moment of silence with the Lord? 
  • 31:15 - I have an anxiety disorder and scrupulosity. Do you have any tips on how to deal with that? 
  • 36:35 - Didn’t Mary and Joseph have considerable worry when they lost Jesus? Also, aren’t there some positive elements of worrying? I know some people who have no worries, and their lives are a mess. 
  • 47:30 - How do we know when we are doing enough so we don’t have to worry? 
  • 51:49 - My husband is high anxiety and some of our kids are, as well. Something that helps them is to play out some of these scenarios that worry them. 


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