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Audio only:

Fr. Tad helps callers to navigate the ethics of medicine and the dignity of life.

Questions Covered:

  • 14:15 - I disagree that people don’t have the right to take their own life. You can’t know what a person is suffering. I think every person is entitled to their own reality.  
  • 28:35 - What is the Catholic stance on ending ectopic pregnancies? 
  • 31:33 - What is the morality of the covid19 vaccine? I feel like we are being forced to take it and I really don’t want to participate in aborted fetal cell research. 
  • 40:05 - Is anxiety medicine approved by the Catholic Church? 
  • 45:32 - I am concerned about donating my brain and spinal cord after death. I think the Catholic Church teaches that the body should not be separated or disrupted after death, but I have multiple sclerosis and really want to give my body to science so they can find a cure. What should I do? 
  • 48:35 - What would happen with abortion if we were able to remove embryos from women who want abortions and successfully implant them in women who want to carry them? Would that solve the abortion problem and would it be ethical? 


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