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Ask Me Anything

Questions Covered:

  • 03:36 - What did ancient people (by that I mean anyone born before the modern period with phones and movies) do for fun?  
  • 10:58 - How do we know if it is God or a coincidence, when a prayer is “answered”? 
  • 15:30 - If a third of the angels fell along with Lucifer, and these were the angels created to adore Jesus, do you suppose in some way that all of our guardian angels will fill this void when we enter the Church Triumphant? And sorry if this has been asked before but what about the guardian angels assigned to the souls that go to hell? I’m assuming they don’t get dragged along with poor souls that reject God’s mercy. 
  • 20:18 - My daughter missed confirmation because of COVID then leukemia. She still doesn’t have confirmation, does she need confirmation to still receive the Eucharist? 
  • 22:10 - Can you explain why some priests say the charismatic movement is not real and the talking in tongues in that movement is diabolical or that Baptism in the Spirit is not real, and then other priests say they have the gift of tongues and run charismatic renewal centers? I am conflicted by the different messages that seem contradictory. 
  • 28:54 - Christ said he had to go to the Father or the Holy Spirit would not come. Did Divine Procession effectively change due to the hypostatic union? 
  • 30:17 - Was the Blessed Mother’s “appearance” to James in Spain an “apparition” or ” biolocation”? 
  • 34:55 - Will we eat food in Heaven? Jesus in His resurrected and glorified body asked the apostles if they had something to eat. 
  • 40:25 - Can one who obeys the Natural Law be saved even if he doesn’t explicitly affirm Christ and his Church? 
  • 41:35 - Does the Holy Spirit prevent Popes from making prudential/pastoral decisions that can harm the Church, including undermining our understanding of the doctrines of the Church? 
  • 44:07 - We have consecrated virgins. My understanding is in the Latin rite we don’t have consecrated widows. Is it just the Latin rite, or all Catholic Rites? 
  • 45:27 - Was it a condition of the rich young man’s salvation to sell all he had and follow Christ? Was it an invitation he could morally decline? What about Mary when she was asked to be the mother of Jesus? More broadly, is choosing to not live the vocation God has invited you to a sin- the kind that can jeopardize your salvation? Are we free to choose “vocation B” even though God has asked us to choose “vocation A”? 
  • 51:01 - Why is Boethius not viewed as a Saint and Martyr? 
  • 53:10 - “1 Peter 3:21 says that baptism is ‘an appeal to God for a clear conscience.’ Therefore, babies cannot get baptized because they cannot make appeals.” How would you answer that objection to infant baptism? 
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