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Why We’re Pro-Life

Catholic Answers wants to help you fight for life!
Order FREE bulk copies for your parish, school, ministry or organization today!

Catholic Answers wants to help you fight for life.

That's why we have launched this major effort to give a million of this 32-page booklet away FREE Why We’re Pro-Life

Why We’re Pro-Life serves two functions.

First, it provides the words, ideas, and confidence to talk to others about abortion.

Second, it’s a compelling pro-life resource that you can give away to anyone. Why We’re Pro-Life is perfect for this important moment in the fight for life

  • It addresses the legal and cultural landscape of the new post-Roe world.
  • It avoids the charge that abortion is a church-state issue in that it appeals only to up-to-date science and to broadly shared beliefs about human rights. Not religion.
  • It strikes a tone of peaceful dialogue, much needed during a time of rising temperatures in the divisive debate over abortion.

Big Community of People Like You

Catholic Answers is proud to be defending the God-given right to life. Have we helped YOU in this effort? If so, tell us about it! We love hearing from folks whom our work has impacted.

Through calm reasoning, this booklet strikes the right tone that will help to shift minds and hearts to the pro-life movement. Catholic Answers is doing its part to demonstrate that the response to a woman in a crisis pregnancy is not violence, death, and isolation, but support and tender-loving care.
Most Reverend Salvatore J. Cordileone
Archbishop of San Francisco

Why We’re Pro-Life is a must read for all of us who defend the dignity of the unborn. Trent Horn masterfully presents non-religious arguments why everyone should be pro-life. This small booklet will be of great benefit to all as we work to build a culture of life!
Peter G. Martin, STL
Director of the Office of Life, Marriage & Family / Communication

Diocese of Winona-Rochester

Trent Horn is among the most effective and reliable pro-life apologists in the world. Every pro-lifer needs to have a few copies of this booklet on hand to make pro-life apologetics accessible to anyone—including their most pro-abortion friends.
Kristan Hawkins

Students for Life Action & Students for Life of America

This booklet is an excellent, quick read that will serve as a great tool for pro-life advocates as we work to make abortion unthinkable.
Prudence Robertson

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Why We’re Pro-Life is a booklet we can hand out to friends and family members with full confidence they will be either challenged or encouraged but never not moved to think.
Francis J Beckwith
Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies

Baylor University

Our Mission of Why We’re Pro-Life

Hear straight from our CEO what our mission for Why We’re Pro-Life is.

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