Nominate an Apologist

Catholic Answers is hiring apologists.
We want your nominations!

We need your help to locate excellent candidates for our apologetics department. We hope to bring on several new apologists during 2013.

We’re looking to hire people who already have experience in public apologetics but who perhaps haven’t gained national recognition.

We suspect there are many fine apologists who haven’t come to our attention. Perhaps someone you know would make a great addition to our staff. (It could even be you!)

What We Offer

  1. Full-time employment at our San Diego area office
  2. Generous salary and benefits: health insurance, vacation, 401(k) plan
  3. Relocation expenses
  4. Solidly-Catholic working environment, including daily Mass in our chapel
  5. America's best climate (well, it’s true!)


Before you nominate anyone, READ THIS, to make sure your nominee meets our minimum qualifications. (We understand that you may not have knowledge of all these points.)

  1. The nominee MUST be able to relocate to San Diego. We will not consider nominees who are unable to move here. Staff apologists work closely with one another, and that requires daily interaction and frequent brainstorming sessions. (Skype is no substitute for actual presence.)
  2. The nominee preferably will be a citizen of the United States. We may consider an exceptional nominee who is a citizen of a foreign country where the national language is English (for example, Canada, Australia, the U.K.) or who is a citizen of a country where the national language is Spanish, provided a nominee from the latter is also completely fluent in English.
  3. The nominee MUST have experience in giving public talks on apologetics. This experience need not be national. It may be local or regional, such as within a single diocese or state. The talks may have been at parishes or conferences but in any case will have been before audiences that are college-age or older.
  4. The nominee MUST have a good public presence. He must have an engaging speaking style and be able to handle audience questions with aplomb. We expect that new apologists will be featured in videos and DVDs and that they will appear regularly on Catholic Answers Live.
  5. The nominee MUST be able to travel to speaking engagements about three times monthly. Travel usually will occur toward the end of the week and on weekends, since most speaking engagements are held on Fridays and Saturdays. Some travel may be to foreign countries.
  6. The nominee MUST have excellent writing skills. We expect that new apologists will compose or contribute to magazine articles, books, and booklets.
  7. The nominee SHOULD have at least a master's degree in theology or a related discipline. While an advanced degree is desirable, it is not mandatory. In any case, the nominee’s knowledge of the faith must be wide and deep.
  8. The nominee MUST demonstrate Catholic docility. He must be open to correction and guidance and must be willing to grow in his knowledge and skills. He must be able to work cooperatively with other staff members. We are not interested in hiring a prima donna (or a primo uomo).
  9. The nominee MUST be an orthodox Catholic. He must subscribe to all tenets of the faith without exception. On the other hand, he must not insist on uniformity in matters about which the Church allows diversity of opinion or custom.

Nomination Form

Now that you understand what we’re looking for, please fill out this form as completely as you can. You can nominate more than one person, but please nominate only one person per submission. Make sure the person you nominate actually meets the above requirements—this is important!

(Please note: If you’re nominating yourself, do so only once. Don’t cajole your friends into "seconding" your self-nomination. We don’t want needless duplications. If you can’t tell us what we ought to know about you, then maybe you shouldn’t be nominating yourself.)

Information about the nominee (to the extent known):
Information about you (in case we want to contact you about the nominee):

Thanks for your help!