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An International Work of Reference on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, and History of the Catholic Church

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The capital of a presidency in Rhenish Prussia
Brother of Moses
Hebrew word signifying ruin, destruction
A term used by writers of ascetical and mystical books to signify the first stage of the union of the soul with God by conforming to his will
A mountain range across Jordan
An Aramaic word for father
A Cistercian abbey near Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria
Astronomer, geodetist, geographer, physician, numismatist, philologian, b. 1810; d. March 20, 1897
Name of several Irish saints
Composer (1775-1844)
French word meaning primarily and strictly an abbot or superior of a monastery of men
Grammarian, poet, preacher, archeologist, philologist (1604-1676)
The female superior in spirituals and temporals of a community of twelve or more nuns
A monastery canonically erected and autonomous, with a community of not fewer than twelve religious
Situated on an isolated rock commanding the Danube, Melk has been a noted place since the days of the Romans
Ecclesial territory in Italy
The most remarkable of the ancient schools of Erin, situated on the Shannon
In the County of Berkshire, England, was founded A.D. 675
Benedictine abbey in the County of Yorkshire, England
Monastery founded on the east coast of Scotland (1178) by William the Lion., for Benedictines, and colonized by monks from Kelso