Karlo Broussard

Karlo BroussardKarlo Broussard is a native of Crowley, Louisiana, who gave up a promising musical career to devote himself to the full-time work of winning souls for Christ. Trained by nationally known philosopher and theologian Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Karlo works as a full time apologist, giving lectures nationwide in the area of intellectual evangelization.  He is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic Catholic speakers today, with experience in radio and TV broadcasting, conference speaking, biblical seminars, and audio publications. Karlo’s talks are able to move listeners from the shaky ground of doubt to the rock-solid foundation of Catholic truth. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology.

Featured Talks

God Still Matters

In this talk, Karlo explains why progress in scientific knowledge in no way discredits nor can it discredit the need for God in explaining the universe.  Karlo does this by giving a simple explanation of Aquinas' 2nd way showing that God is the Ultimate cause of the very existence of the universe itself; thus the first reason why God still matters.  Secondly, Karlo shows that God matters still because He is the only one or thing that can satisfy our depest desires for the perfection of truth and love - without god one falls into the absurdity of life.  Finally, Karlo explains how the rejection of God undermines ojective morality. 


Heaven: A Destiny Worth Living For

In this talk, Karlo dispels the boring cultural image of Heaven as clouds with baby cherubs playing harps and explain Jesus’ revelation of Heaven as an experience of perfect love, joy, and excitement through fellowship with God and with every member of the Mystical Body of Christ. 


Defending Faith in an Age of Unbelief

In this talk, Karlo will whet the appetite on how one is to respond to the major cultural myths that serve as obstacles to faith.  For example, Karlo will briefly speak about the Kalam argument that not only establishes God's existence but shows the wedded relationship between philosophy and science.  Secondly, Karlo will give a brief apology on the general historical reliability of the Gospels and then follow it by giving an apology for the Divinity of Jesus.  Thirdly, Karlo will explain why materialism is false and will give reasons for the immateriality and immorality of the human soul.

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“Karlo is a truly outstanding speaker who has a mastery of the material on faith and science. He prepares well, delivers well, and is quite energetic. I highly endorse him.”

— Fr. Robert Spitzer, President of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith